Blade & Soul Legends Reborn event live, server merge coming soon

Blade Soul server merge

The Legends Reborn event is now live in Blade & Soul. Running from April 10 to May 8, it brings three event dungeons: Ring of Reckoning (solo dungeon for level 55 and above), Desolate Mausoleum and Burning Mausoleum (party dungeons for level 55 and above).

You can read the Legends Reborn patch notes to know everything, but it also comes with a Bloomtime Jackpot Event where you can win some cool costumes.

In a related note, Blade & Soul is merging its North American and European servers on April 24. In NA, the two servers are merged into a single one (Yura), while Europe sees its three servers also reduced to a sole survivor (Jinsoyun).


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