Blade & Soul Shattered Empire patch notes are up, extra XP

The Blade and Soul expansion Shattered Empire launches tomorrow, April 27, and NCsoft has just released the patch notes. This 2.1 update brings two new dungeons: Cold Storage, a fairly simple but lucrative daily dungeon; and a new and challenging dungeon called Sogun’s Lament. There's also the 6v6 objective-based PvP mode in Whirlwind Valley and more floors in Mushin's Tower.

From April 27 until May 11 there's an event where you can earn extra XP, with these bonuses stacking up with the other XP bonus. Here's what you can earn: +50% XP from defeating NPC enemies/monsters, +50% XP from daily quests and +100% Guild Points from gathering/crafting. Localization in English, German, and French was also fixed and updated.

You can read the full patch notes here while you count the hours for the release. Blade & Soul isn't doing too badly in North America and Europe, as apparently the January launch has earned NCsoft over $17 million USD.


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