Blade & Soul teaches you the windwalking way

The latest official Blade and Soul update teaches us the art of windwalking, the way that the top martial artists are capable of defying gravity, as well as glide through the air, dash on water, and sprint up walls.

Known as qinggong (“ching-gong”) in wuxia, windwalking is only achievable when outside of combat. By either double-tapping the forward (W) key, or holding SHIFT while moving forward, movement speed is instantly increased, but windwalking can't be maintained forever, as it consumes stamina. Gliding, on the other hand, does not consume stamina – in fact, you regain some stamina while gliding. A perfect combination of windwalking and gliding will quickly take you through the Earthen Realm. If you happen to find a Dragon Pulse — yellow beams of energy found throughout the world – you'll be propelled across great distances, both vertically and horizontally, to arrive at a specific location.

You can read a bit more about windwalking in this official post. The first Blade & Soul closed beta weekend is scheduled for October 30 with a final release planned for early 2016.


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