Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery update arrives in December

Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery update

The next Blade & Soul update is coming early next month. Theater of Mystery launches on December 5 and is all about the deadly secrets of the Dreamsong Theater.

The Dreamsong Theater is a new Heroic dungeon set in a evil playhouse. The update also brings a new solo heroic dungeon called Den of the Ancients, apparently less evil-inspired but not any less challenging, with three immortal spirit guides to beat – how you can defeat someone immortal is a challenge in itself. These spirit guides will test your mind, body and spirit.

To get you ready for this update, NCsoft is offering the Holiday Bash Gift Pack to those who register before the release. This free gift pack contains the following:

• Holiday Bash Outfit
• Holiday Bash Head Adornment
• 7-Day of Premium Membership
• Special Hongmoon XP Charm
• 10 Hongsil’s Secret Storehouse Key

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