Blade & Soul: three new acts this year, all new content is free

In an interview to PCGames N, Nicolas Coutant, producer on Blade and Soul, revealed a bit about the future plans for NCsoft's free-to-play martial arts MMORPG. There's nothing substantial in the interview besides this little bit in particular:

“The game’s story is currently comprised of seven Acts (the last one just came out in Korea), and we launched with the first three. The fourth Act will be released soon, alongside a major content update called Silverfrost, since it’s basically a major new chapter in the story. We are also planning to release Acts five and six later this year. All new content we release is free to everyone. It’s linear though, so you need to have completed the previous chapters to access it.”

So in 2016 we're going to get the fourth act and the Silverfrost update close to that, and later this year acts five and six. Sounds like a nice bunch of content to go through and this will get the western version of Blade & Soul closer to the original Korean release.

Blade & Soul just got the Unchained update on March 2, which added the new Warlock class.


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