Blade & Soul Unchained update is live, Warlock class is here

Blade and Soul 2

The Unchained update for Blade and Soul is now live and as we've covered previously, the highlight is the addition of the new Warlock class. If you want to learn more about this class, this is the Warlock class week on the official website. You can take a good look at the Warlock (which is limited to the Jin and Lyn races) in this video by the awesome Rendermax.

As for the rest, you may know already that the Unchained update also brings the Naryu Labyrinth and Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower. You can sign up for Blade & Soul here, an MMORPG that already has over 2 million players registered – sure, it has its fair share of bots, as any MMO, but hopefully NCsoft will act swiftly on this situation.

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