Blade & Soul Vengeance Breaks update coming in June

Vengeance Breaks is the new update coming June 1 to Blade and Soul and with it comes a face off against Jinsoyun in the new Altar of Divine Will heroic dungeon for 6-members only. Part 2 of Silverfrost Mountains brings the Act 4 story arc to a conclusion and there are also two more new dungeons, Sundered Nexus (4- and 6-member) and 24-member open world Zaiwei Ruins.

The Tower of Infinity is a single-player challenge against random-controlled enemy AI on each floor, too see how high you can climb until you're defeated or the timer runs out. Finally, Pets! Pets follow you around and provide a defensive buff when fed. Remember kids, keep your pets well fed! There are several pets to choose from, with two exclusive coming to Blade & Soul in North America and Europe: a Griffin and Otter.

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