Blade & Soul teases fantastic Unreal Engine 4 Vision upgrade in a “new” video

Blade Soul Vision Unreal Engine 4 update

You can't deny that NCsoft is great at releasing regular new content for Blade & Soul, but right now everyone seems to have their minds set on something else – the Vision Update.

This highly anticipated update will entirely revamp Blade & Soul, discarding the outdated Unreal Engine 3 and upgrading the graphics with Unreal Engine 4. NCsoft has first revealed the Vision update last year, but the sightings have been few and far between since them. There was one in particular when the Archer class was announced (western players should get this class in September), with the last seconds of the trailer showing some amazing footage of the upgrade.

While the Blade & Soul Vision update is originally planned for 2019, at least in Korea, western players won't be getting it this year. According to a new Producer's letter, development is progressing and we should be able to learn more about it in the coming months.

The letter then shows a teaser of the Unreal Engine 4 graphical update… which is exactly the same footage that we have already seen months ago. At least a few new seconds would have been nice?


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