Blade & Soul’s Warden’s Fury update is coming with a new class

Blade and Soul Warden's Fury

Warden’s Fury is the name of the next Blade & Soul update and it launches on September 12, 2018. What's so special about it, I hear you ask? A new class, to begin with.

The Warden is the new class and he (or she) comes with a huge greatsword, perfect for slicing and dicing through hordes of enemies on the Frenzied Stance. On the other hand, if you want to protect yourself and your allies from the enemies' attacks, the Guardian Stance is ideal for shielding your party. The Warden’s Fury update continues the story with Act 9: Cruel Reunion, and tasks you with fighting on The Shadowmoor, a haunted ship with a even more haunted tripulation.

What is also cool is that if you had a Blade & Soul account before August 21, 2018, you can claim the free Wandering Swordsman Pack until September 7. This pack includes the following:

• Untold Fury Costume -Heroically charge into the chaos of battle in style with the Untold Fury Costume
• Untold Fury Hair – One can only look so fabulous on the battlefield with the Untold Fury Hair
• Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Chest – Complete the Fury look with a golden weapon glow
• Fleeting Fury Pet Aura (Stage 1) -Get a head start on the Way of the Warrior event with the Fleeting Fury Pet Aura
• Fleeting Fury Soul (Stage 1) – Use the Fleeting Fury Soul to get additional rewards during the event
• Special Hongmoon XP Charm – Transcend your character’s limits with the Special Hongmoon XP Charm.

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