Blade & Soul’s first 24-member raid is coming, has a giant dragon turtle

Blade and Soul updates

Have you ever dreamed of getting 23 buddies and going crazy at a mystical giant dragon turtle? Well, you should get your head checked, but either than that, you're in luck! Blade & Soul is getting its first 24-member raid on November 16, the Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Story goes as follows: “A strange moonlight has fallen upon the Skypetal Plains, acting as a bridge between the Earthen Realm and the Spirit Realm. Otherworldly creatures have crossed over and are wreaking havoc. The mightiest among these creatures is the Sacred Longgui, a giant dragon turtle that has long been considered extinct.”

This awesome and miraculous creature is about to go down as 24 players go at it, with new Legendary Soul Shields and a new costume awaiting you as a reward for your bravery. Check out a few screens below and take a look at the teaser page.





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