Blade & Soul’s Kung Fu Master is only for the skilled players

The third class to be featured in the ongoing Blade and Soul series after the Summoner and the Destroyer, the Kung Fu Master is one little tough nut to crack. This class is the most complex in the game according to the developers themselves, requiring “requiring excellent reflexes, strong situational awareness, and quick decision making.” It has a huge variety of skills that are triggered according to different conditions such as dodging or countering – all in all, the Kung Fu Master is capable of landing some impressive combos that can make it almost invulnerable for a short period.

The Kung Fu Master deals two types of damage (Fire and Wind) and is one of the two classes that can keep any boss focused on them, being a serious threat. Coordenation with their team members to line up combos is very important for players choosing the Kung Fu Master.

Read more about this class here and watch the introduction video below. Blade and Soul is currently in closed beta, although it's a weekends only beta and there's just five of them before launch – apparently there won't be an open beta. Here are our Blade and Soul first impressions taken from the alpha.


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