Blade & Soul’s loading screen art contest winners revealed

NCsoft has chosen the winner and the ten runner-ups of the Blade & Soul loading screen art contest that we announced last month. The judges had to go through hundreds of submissions and some of the finalists are truly talented artists that will see their creations make it into the game. Rozelque is the big winner and he will also receive $100 worth of Hongmoon Coin and the exclusive community events costume “Kindred Soul”. You can see his creation below as well as the remaining ten and although we praise a Blade & Soul screenshot just as much as the other guy, we definitely applaud the participants that went for an original sketch.

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Blade & Soul contest Winner Rozelque


Blade & Soul contest 11

Blade & Soul contest 10

Blade & Soul contest 9

Blade & Soul contest 8

Blade & Soul contest 7

Blade & Soul contest 6

Blade & Soul contest 5

Blade & Soul contest 4

Blade & Soul contest 3

Blade & Soul contest 2

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