Blade & Soul’s outfits can influence the world around you

Skill is surely the most important thing for a martial artist, but in the world of Blade and Soul the way you look can influence how the world around you reacts to your presence. In fact, that's pretty much just like real life in that regard.

The new blog post on the official Blade & Soul website shows just how the outfits aren't just for show, they serve a much more important purpose through their symbolism and aesthetic. What this means is that an outfit can change how the different factions see you. Although the outfits you wear will have no effect on your abilities, some do have additional attributes.

Costumes drop from enemies and bosses, can be earned by completing quests and challenges, are unique drops from limited-time events and holidays, or can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store.

Blade & Soul's first beta weekend is on October 30 and we already got the opportunity to play the alpha, so you can watch our English character creation video and the gameplay first look with the Lyn Summoner.


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