Blade & Soul’s Secrets of the Stratus expansion is live

The Secrets of the Stratus update is now live for Blade & Soul. This huge content expansion revamps the character skill-trees, adds new Hongmoon levels and a Hongmoon Training room to practice combos and boss fights, new PVE areas, new dungeons (Naryu Sanctum and Celestial Basin), Act 7 of the storyline and more. where the fate of the apprentice Jinsoyun hangs in the balance. The full patch notes are here.

Act 7: The Search asks you to “hunt down the Hongmoon School’s youngest and most valuable protégé with the help of your students and some new allies: Chol Mugo, Admiral of the Blackram South Fleet, and Ku Yang, the new Blade Master representative.” Floors 16 to 20 of the Mushin’s Tower are now available with this update.

From now on, you can also buy a Level 50 with all the equipment necessary to continue the adventure – it can be purchased for $40 during a limited time, when the price will go to the regular $50. The Hongmoon store also gets some new items including the Grand Phoenix set which you can watch below.

NCSoft is working on a new eSports initiative and Blade & Soul will be one of the first games to be featured. In 2017 North America and Europe will join in the competition that culminates with the World Championships later this year. You can read the details here.

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