Bless to launch in the west next year

Bless Online Early Access "was a success"

In a recent interview with VentureBeat, we get to know a little more about German publisher Aeria Games, known for games such as Echo of Soul, Aura Kingdom or the upcoming Asian MMORPGs Twin Saga and Bless Online. The latter is the subject of a particular focus in this interview, with the reveal that the studio “hopes to launch the Westernized version next year.” While this seems like a long wait, it could probably be in relation to the official launch, with the closed beta and open beta possibly coming late 2016, but we're just speculating on that.

Bless Online aka Bless: Embers in the Storm was developed by Neowiz Games in over six years using the Unreal Engine and includes 10 different races and 250v250 warfare. It is said that Aeria Games won't make many changes to this game during the localization to North America and Europe.

Aeria Games usually works in half a dozen games a year, “one or two PC games and maybe three or four mobile games.”

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