Bless Online 2018 roadmap says Early Access is coming ASAP

Bless Online update

Bless Online is the game that keeps on – not – giving, and a new post from Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon sheds some more light on what Neowiz is currently up to. Apparently, it's still the same as before.

Jae-hoon says that Neowiz is planning on releasing Bless Online on Steam Early Access as soon as possible, but doesn't give us any specific date – “Lastly, many fans in the community are wondering about the release schedule. There will be a chance to tell you what you are looking for soon.”

The post covers what the team is working on, and this can be summarized in four aspects: Combat, Optimization, UI/UX and Growth. Combat is the biggest focus of the developers, who are trying to create an exciting, rhythmic, skill-based experience that doesn't fall into the traps of repetitive combat patterns. You may recall that one of the largest criticisms aimed at Bless Online when it was released in Korea and other regions was the lackluster combat, so let's hope all these years of iteration and revamps will actually make for a noticeable change.

You can read the dev post for more details. Don't expect to find anything about the business model there, though.

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