Bless Online ‘bigger than expected’, combat revamped, no beta dates yet

Bless Online releases on Steam

More than a month has passed since Aeria Games' last update on Bless Online, we finally get to know how the project is going. Apparently, the scope of Bless is bigger than what the studio was expecting and it needs “a couple of tweaks to be able to penetrate the western MMO market and to have a stable and sustainable future in there.” Due to this, Aeria Games won't commit to any fixed launch date or even closed and open beta tests.

The team wants to deliver a more polished and complete game and is still in talks about what changes are needed and what has to be done before Bless Online launches in North America and Europe. Here are couple of things that Neowiz Bless Studio will be working on:

Ingame performance: Neowiz Bless Studio is putting the most effort and planning to improve the performance aspects of massive battle contents such as Siege of Castra, Capital War, Raid etc. to provide the players the best gaming environment.

Combat System: As many of you might know, the combat system as of now feels unresponsive and the action combat is not on par with current generation action MMORPGs. Neowiz will be working on both tab targeting and action combat systems to have better combat experience in both systems. In the end of the day, combat is a very important aspect of every MMO and needs to feel good to keep players entertained in combat.

It's not great news when an anticipated game such as Bless goes through an indefinite delay, but we wouldn't want it any other way – seeing that the developer and publisher are in perfect sync about one of the major flaws of the game – the lackluster combat – gives us great confidence in the final game. What do you think?

(Thanks Bless-Source)

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