Bless Online canceled by Aeria Games in North America and Europe?

Bless Online dungeons

Here is a rumor that you're probably not going to enjoy. Bless Online‘s North America and Europe releases may have been canceled by Aeria Games according to an anonymous tip that received. It seems that this tip had some “fairly substantial information” that made it look serious, and it mentions a trip last week to Korea by Gamigo representatives (owners of Aeria Games), where it was decided to cancel the agreement due to quality concerns. Vice President of Product Sascha Zehe allegedly also passed the info to employees via internal communication.

This isn't a good sign for Bless Online, which recently saw the Russian version shutting down for revision for an indefinite period and the Korean version recently going through one final server merge. Last December, the official western Bless Online website was down for about a month with little communication from Aeria Games, but it was just a scare. We're not so sure this time around.

Recently Aeria Games announced the closure of the anime MMORPG Dragomon Hunter in the west for June 29, merely 17 months after it opened.

Is Bless Online canceled in North America and Europe?  We'll just add that this doesn't mean other western publisher won't step in and bring the game to the west, or even developer Neowiz, although that is less likely. What do you think?


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