Bless Online is going into closed beta in Japan

Bless Online closed beta

It's not all doom and gloom for Bless Online, it seems. The Japanese server isn't going through the same troubles as the English and Russian servers, or even the original South Korean version, which is being heavily revamped with the Rebuild project.

GameOn is publishing Bless Online in Japan and the second closed beta was just announced (thanks MMOCulture). The beta is going to run for just a few days (October 12 to October 16) and sign-ups are now open until October 10.

There are a few treats for those who make it into the closed beta. You can get the costume below, which is a huge anachronism with the medieval fantasy world of Bless Online. It will be odd to see players fight huge monsters with jeans and a hoodie, and of course, female characters have a short skirt and the zipper wide open. Videogame logic, right?

In Russia, Bless Online is on hold and going through an indefinite revision; as for the English servers which once were signed to Aeria Games, nothing is certain right now. Either Neowiz is looking for a new western publisher, or considering self-publishing the game, but it's too soon to know for sure.

Bless Online closed beta japan

Bless Online closed beta japan

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