Quick, everyone act surprised: Bless Online is shutting down in the west

Bless Online closure western territories

We called it first: after yesterday's announcement about Bless Online shutting down in Japan, we just got word of the closure of Bless Online in western territories. This should put an end to one of the most atrocious tales in recent MMO gaming history.

The closure announcement mentions that Bless Online launched on Steam Early Access for little over a year and thanks all players for the support. It doesn't talk about the chaos that was making Bless Online buy-to-play, considering that Early Access “was a success”, and hurriedly switching the business model to free-to-play.

The announcement continues by saying that Bless Online will close on Steam on September 9, 2019, “after much deliberation and efforts from everyone here at Bless Online.”

Starting June 10, the prices of items in Bless Online's in-game store will “drastically decrease” – most games usually make these items free during the final weeks of service. You can also expect increased drop rates and experience in various activities, in case you want to play an MMORPG that is dead.

Finally, Neowiz invites every player and supporter to sign up to its newsletter, so that you stay up-to-date with the studio's games and future projects. Maybe not the greatest timing for a newsletter sign-up pitch…

Round 8 Studios, an internal Neowiz team, is currently working on Bless Unleashed for Xbox One. I don't know what to think about that game, but time will tell.


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