Bless Online enters open beta in Russia early December

Bless Online's patch raises level cap

We have great news if you're a Russian player and you're eagerly waiting to play Bless Online. Publisher 101XP has just announced that Bless is heading into open beta on December 8, 2016 for regular players, with those who purchased the Thirst for Power founder's pack getting a head start on December 5, while those who chose the Battle Call founder's pack begin the adventure on December 7. Pre-download will be available starting December 2.

The Russian publisher announced the Bless Online open beta date with a fun mannequin challenge which was mercifully short and actually pretty decent and witty. See it for yourself below.

Bless Online is coming to North America and Europe through Aeria Games, but this version is going to take quite some more time to be released, as Aeria has stated a couple of times that they're working in cooperation with developer Neowiz on improving the combat system.


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