Bless Online Russia is going for revision for an indefinite period

Uh-Oh! Things aren't looking good on the Bless Online realm. We've stressed a few times already that we were a bit jealous of our fellow South Korean and Russian players and their ability to actually play Bless Online – instead of, you know, having to wait indefinitely for a revamp -, but as it turns out, the game wasn't doing that great in Russia.

Russian publisher 101XP in particular, seems to know that and wasn't pleased with how things were turning out, to the point of saying in the latest statement that “Players and the company pinned great hopes on the game, which, unfortunately, was not fully justified.” 101XP decided to close the game altogether on May 25, 2017 after discussing it with developers Neowiz, sending it for “revision for an indefinite period, in order to return in the future in an improved form.” Bless Online players are being compensated with promotional codes for the browser MMORPG League of Angels 2, which… well, it's a completely different beast to say the least.

No dates are given for the return of Bless Online in Russia, but we're betting there will be quite some months of wait ahead, as Neowiz probably have their hands full with the North American and European revamp. In case you're wondering, this isn't the first time an MMORPG is closed for revision, as HeroWarz is going through the exact same thing right now.

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  • Za’muro

    when the only mmo u think will be good turns into a complete disaster and u want to kys

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  • Ice Myth

    When there is a game with high potential to be global liked and played game then some factor such as developer or publisher blow things up!!! No wonder Aria games are not disclosing any information as seems it was heading to revision as of now.

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  • Eduardo Marchant

    Well can assume that the playerbase is bigger in the west. Also if even Rift and Black Desert can stay alive then im sure Bless can too… xD
    But I think the task may be too much for Aeria games.

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