Bless Online still on track for NA and EU

Bless Online goes free-to-play

Earlier this month we noticed how the Aeria Games Bless Online website was down and this, coupled with the lack of communication surrounding the western localization of this MMORPG left many players wondering if the game wasn't put on hold or even canceled.

While Aeria Games is still not commenting on the matter in a clear, official way, the Bless-Source Facebook page posted what seems to be a developer statement. It's just a short sentence saying that the new combat system is almost done and that some dates should be revealed early 2017.

This is good news but we would still like to see some sort of official communication from Aeria Games, or even the Bless Online website coming back up and being used for this kind of statements. Meanwhile, this is all we have and hopefully an official confirmation will come soon.



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