Bless Online is coming to TwitchCon 2017, could this be good news?

Bless Online TwitchCon 2017

Neowiz isn't quite ready to give up on Bless Online just yet. While this game had a very troubled launch, the South Korean studio decided to revamp a lot of the mechanics according to player feedback. The Bless Online Rebuild Project is still going strong, and the team is going to showcase Bless during the TwitchCon 2017, taking place at Long Beach, California, from October 20 to 22. Black Squad, the cool military first-person shooter is also making an appearance (thanks MMOCulture).

When the Neowiz/Aeria Games deal to publish Bless Online in the west fell through, there was some talk about the South Korean studio self-publishing the game for English territories. This still remains a strong option, considering that is the path that they choose with Black Squad – this shooter is available through Steam.

Bless Online is one of the most troubled releases of recent times. Besides the Rebuild project for the Korean version, there's the indefinite hiatus in Russia. At least, the Japanese version is in closed beta, so it's all not doom and gloom. Let's hope TwitchCon 2017 brings some good news for western players who are still waiting for Bless Online.

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