Bless Unleashed highlights the sword and shield Crusader class

Bless Unleashed Crusader class

The Crusader always seems to have this romantic feel to it – a brave man capable of facing hordes of abhorrent creatures to save the day, or the damsel in distress. Or maybe I'm digressing.

Anyway, the Crusader is one of the five classes initially available in Bless Unleashed and the latest one to get the spotlight treatment. The Crusader video shows an agile warrior that seems to have a complete disregard for the weight of his shield, jumping and spinning around like it was nothing.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

The Crusader comes hot in the heels of the Berserker and the Ranger, which means that the only two classes yet to get the video treatment are the Mage and the Priest.

Bandai Namco and Neowiz are going to release Bless Unleashed during this year on Xbox One. However, a PlayStation 4 version was spotted in Brazil, which means that the exclusivity isn't going to last long. You shouldn't expect a PC version anytime soon, however, as the controversial Bless Online is still a thing.


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