Bless Unleashed trailer shows some angry field bosses

Bless Unleashed field bosses

Bandai Namco revealed a new Bless Unleashed trailer featuring some of the field bosses that you will have the pleasure – so to speak – of facing.

These creatures will roam the lands until you and other adventurers decide to take them down. Being in a party is crucial as these are no easy foes.

Bless Unleashed is the Xbox One exclusive that will probably launch on PS4 as well, according to this Brazilian leak. The release is planned for 2019, while PC players are left alone like stray puppies after the announcement of Bless Online's closure on Steam. It was bound to happen, guys, so that should teach us all a few things about hype, right?

Man, I'm dying to get my hands on Phantasy Star Online 2, now that is going to be the greatest MMORPG ever, right?


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