Bless Unleashed PC version announced, coming early 2021

Bless Unleashed PC

Neowiz's Bless is going full circle. What started as the over-hyped and ultimately failed Bless Online eventually gave birth to the Xbox One exclusive Bless Unleashed. Published by Bandai Namco, this console spin-off developed by Round 8 Studio would hopefully make things right. However, there was much suspicion that it wouldn't remain away from PC for too long, and so it happens: the Bless Unleashed PC version was revealed today.

The Bless Unleashed release date is set for early 2021, with a series of closed beta tests coming this Fall. It's worth noticing that Bandai Namco isn't the publisher of the PC version, which means that Neowiz is handling publishing duties. This much can be seen on the Bless Unleashed Steam page. At least, the game remains free-to-play just like the console release – it would be quite a twist if Neowiz decided to pull another Bless Online on us and make it buy-to-play, wouldn't it?

Bless Unleashed PC

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Bless Unleashed is built on the Unreal Engine 4, unlike its predecessor Bless Online, which was crafted using Unreal Engine 3. It looks decent but it's no Black Desert Online killer, that's for sure, and let's hope that some of the clunky gameplay mechanics and rough edges visible in the Xbox One version disappear in the meantime.

As for the rest, Bless Unleashed is described as an open world action MMORPG featuring a combo-driven combat system and a persistent progression system. Field bosses waiting for you and your teammates roam the land, there are five classes and four races for you to mix and match, and PvP battlefields are also part of the game.

After all the controversy surrounding Bless Online and the predictable demise of the game, are you willing to give Bless Unleashed PC a go? Considering that it's free-to-play and that hopefully lessons were learned, I'm inclined to give it a shot.

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