Blizzard is slowing down on future Heroes of the Storm development

Blizzard Heroes of the Storm development

Blizzard has just announced that after doing some serious evaluating and based on their current live and unannounced projects, it has decided to slow down on future Heroes of the Storm development.

This is said to be a tough choice, as Blizzard wants to take some of the developers to other projects – insert Diablo Immortal joke here. That being said, Heroes of the Storm isn't going to die, as the studio will continue to release new heroes, events and other content; however, the cadence will change. Blizzard states that it is “setting up the game for long-term sustainability”, whatever that could mean to you. Maintenance mode?

This decision brings further bad news for Heroes of the Storm fans, as the eSports series Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm won't return in 2019.

Heroes of the Storm is a collection of several of Blizzard's best characters in one MOBA, but League of Legends, Dota 2 and SMITE didn't let it become one of the big names of this crowded genre.


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