Blizzard’s Overwatch enters closed beta on October 27

Blizzard has announced that the closed beta for the hugely hyped shooter Overwatch begins on October 27 (Windows only for now), with the beta participants being divided into two different groups: Closed Beta group and the Beta Test Weekends group.

The Closed Beta group will form the core of the testing crew, being composed of a small number of testers who will have regular access to the public beta test. The first phase of the Closed Beta will deploy on October 27 in the Americas gameplay region, with Europe coming next and Asia sometime later. The other group will help stress test the servers during Beta Test Weekends which will be brought online occasionally for a limited time. More players will be regularly added to this test to see just how well the servers behave.

You can sign up for the beta at the official website. It's still unclear which business model Blizzard will choose for Overwatch, but free-to-play sounds very likely – however, we also thought the same about Black Desert Online and gosh, just look what happened!

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  • Darthsabre

    Let me guess. Big streamers will get priory into the Beta with 1000 beta keys to give out,….. Or pre-order WoW Legion for instant Closed Beta invite. 😛

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    • I guess that’s a new trend, streamers get in first, make free publicity and then the rest of the players slowly join in.

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    • Cornflakes

      The problem with beta’s IE : Alpha and Beta demo’s/games is it gives major rise to botters, gold sellers, exploiters, long before actual players get a look in. For every game, there is an asshat hacker or bot to come in ruin the economy, or generally screw up the game for legit gamers. Ban betas without an invite, ban accounts that do nothing but spam advertisements.
      Streamers make way to another pain in the ass, spammers. Streamers are also partly to blame to showing the world game exploits and sometimes their ” how to ” videos, help create hacks.
      Fuhk streamers, and fuhk those that aren’t willing to get a real job.

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