Blizzard’s Overwatch keeps its name, legal battle is over

Do you remember almost an year ago when we reported that Blizzard was just a few months late with the name Overwatch for its online shooter? Well, it looks like the trademark lawsuit between the makers of World of Warcraft and Innovis Labs has just been settled and Blizzard gets to keep the name. Perfect timing then, as Overwatch has entered closed beta.

You can read a summary of the events in the link above, and while the most interesting bits weren't revealed (as in Blizzard probably paid quite a bit of cash to settle this lawsuit and move on), you can get a nice idea of what was going on. If this didn't work out, we're pretty sure that plan B was just renaming the game to Overcraft and that would be it. Or maybe Overstorm, that could also work. It would be cheesy, but we've seen worse.

There's still no word on the Overwatch business model, as Blizzard seems to be slowly considering the options. Or maybe it's already decided, they just won't tell us yet – we're betting on this one.

We just uploaded our Overwatch first look gameplay video, which you can watch below. It's looking good, if you want the short version.


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