Blizzard’s Overwatch may have to change its name

The recently announced Overwatch – you know, the game that has parts born from the ashes of Project Titan – may have to undergo a name change. It seems that Blizzard was about six months late with the trademark, with the name already taken by nnovis Labs, Inc for an augmented-reality kind of game.

Now it's a case of wait and see, but it's highly likely that Blizzard may have to find another name for its game. In all honesty, Overwatch isn't the most catchy name for a shooter that we've ever heard, but I guess it beats Extraction, hands down.

Although there's no word on the business model yet, judging by the game style (team-based online shooter) and by Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft as well as Heroes of the Storm, it's very likely that Overwatch ends up as free-to-play.



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