Blocky destruction: Timegate announces free MMO shooter Minimum

Timegate Studios, known for the Section 8 games but also for being involved in a trainwreck called Aliens: Colonial Marines, just announced Minimum, a new free-to-play shooter that is certainly different from your average third-person shooter game.

Apparently a “beautiful artistic vision” first and a shooter later, Minimum is set in a blocky world that looks like a mix of Lego and Transformers to us. The game includes a weapon power up system and the Titan mode, where players battle for two huge creatures – watch a bit of that in the trailer.

Timegate is also asking for players to participate in the game development, with your ideas and creativity. The studio is “creating a mechanism to empower you, just as our entire team is empowered”, so expect some kind of tool to share your ideas with the team.

Minimum is going into closed alpha testing on April 16 via Steam.

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