Blue Protocol classes detailed over new gameplay videos

Blue Protocol classes

If you can't get enough of Blue Protocol, then you're just like us. Bandai Namco's highly appealing anime MMORPG was recently confirmed to be free to play, and all that it is lacking now is an official statement confirming a global release. We'll have to wait a while longer on that one, although it is surely coming further down the road, seeing that the Japanese studio is looking for a localization director with English skills. But right now, it's time to take another look at the Blue Protocol classes that are available since the alpha test, the same ones that will be making it to the upcoming closed beta and the official Japanese launch.

Aegis Fighter Class

A short distance class that excels in offense and defense balance and plays an active role in the front line. Defensive skills with a strong shield protect not only themselves but also the party.

Twin Striker Class

A short-range class with two axes and a storm-like onslaught. By constantly attacking, its power rises beyond its limits.

Blast Archer Class

A class that focuses on long-range shooting and is also good at supporting parties. Use a variety of tactics, such as weak point attack and range attack, depending on the situation.

Spell Caster Class

You can learn various attribute attacks such as fire, ice, and lightning. Its high power and attribute effects make it more effective in party battles.

If you want to learn more about the Blue Protocol classes, we've discussed them in some detail in a previous classes guide. Blue Protocol is a PC exclusive and is going to be “free to play with a season pass and limited items.” While guilds will be an option when the game officially releases, the devs don't want to force players into them, which probably means that solo play and small parties will be enough to enjoy the most of the adventure.

Between Blue Protocol, Genshin Impact, and Gran Saga, which one will be your anime MMORPG of choice?

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