Blue Protocol global release confirmed after Japan launch

Blue Protocol global release confirmed

After the recent confirmation of a Blue Protocol free to play launch, the only thing that we needed was for Bandai Namco to tell the world that a global release for its anime MMORPG was in store. It's not like they haven't been teasing it already; the aim to “impress the world” in the official announcement and a job offer looking for a localization director with English skills were somewhat telling. But now, the Blue Protocol global release is confirmed beyond any shadow of doubt.

It was during the third livestream that some elements from the development team cleared this up. While answering questions from the eager Blue Protocol community, the subject came up and the answer was earnest and straightforward. As translated by Reddit user Outrageous_Spirit, here are the official words from Bandai Namco:

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“In the interviews, we have said that it was intended to go global from the start BUT CBT, as it follows [Closed Alpha Test] we will test CBT in Japan for feedback purposes. Will it be global or be certain regions; we can't really say right now. (They will probably start with EU and NA first) We're still preparing but Japan will release first. Since it is designed [to be] very Japanese and will be interesting to a global audience so we don't want to represent this style half-assed to the rest of the world.”

So what can we take from this statement? Apparently, the plan was to go for a Blue Protocol global launch from the start, but things changed in the meantime. Now, the devs are taking feedback from the Japanese alpha and betas to improve the game and release it in Japan first. Then, it's clear that they see the global appeal of the game and don't want to present it to the rest of the world without being polished and finetuned.

The only thing that remains unsaid is where Blue Protocol is going to launch first. Are they going with North America and Europe, or other territories such as Korea and Russia are more likely candidates? Perhaps we'll have the answer to that in the next livestream.

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