Bonus drops alert: TERA is inviting players to the Ruinous Manor

‘Bonus' is the kind of word that we find hard to resist. It's not as good as ‘free', but we'll take it anyway, considering that En Masse Entertainment is inviting players to earn bonus drops in TERA from the final boss of the Ruinous Manor dungeon.

From May 4 to Monday, May 8 at 10 a.m., you'll get these bonus drops in both normal and hard difficulty. If you defeat Lachelith in normal mode you may get x1 Lady’s Handkerchief, x1 Hypnotic Powder and x30 Tier 11 feedstock. On the other hand, if you're feeling though and you go for the hard difficulty of the Ruinous Manor, when you defeat Nightmare Lachelith you may earn x2 Lady’s Handkerchief, x2 Hypnotic Powder and x100 Tier 11 feedstock.

What's better than one Lady’s Handkerchief? Two Lady’s Handkerchief, I always say! Give it a go until May 8.


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