Is a Borderlands MMO in development?

While it's common knowledge that Gearbox Software wouldn't mind expanding the Borderlands franchise into something massive, rumors of a Borderlands are only now becoming relevant, thanks to the appearance of a teaser website from Chinese studio Shanda Games. This website features a silhouette of Borderlands robot Claptrap and a message that translates to something like “Earthlings, we shall bring hope to you all” (thanks MMOCulture).

So while the idea of a Borderworlds – let's call it that for the moment – is definitely an appealing one, seeing it appear in China isn't very comforting. However, knowing that China has some games that we've never touched and would be very suited to the West, like Call of Duty Online or Monster Hunter Online, having a Borderlands Online is a possibility that we shouldn't completely kill right away.

Would you be up for something like Borderworlds?



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