Borderlands Online first teaser, closed beta on January 23

Gearbox Software's new shooter Borderlands Online has a first trailer (thanks 2P) in anticipation for the Chinese beta which begins on January 23 and runs until January 27.  Borderlands Online's closed beta is expected to feature three towns (Howling Town, Union City, Metropolitan) and four classes (Soldier, Hunter, Siren and Berserker), which apparently are gender-locked. There will be a level 36 cap and 22 dungeons, as well as PvP (two modes: Last Man Standing and Team vs. Team).

Borderlands Online is said to have over 2.000 weapons in five categories: Assault Rifle (Soldier), Sniper Rifle (Hunter), Shotgun (Berserker), Submachine Gun (Siren) and Pistol (all classes).

This isn't a true open world MMO, instead being heavily instance-based – Borderlands Online has towns that work as hubs and from there players will enter instances, pretty much as in Dragon Nest and Vindictus.

Borderlands Online is a China-exclusive game published by Shanda Games and it's likely that it will stay that way.


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