Brawlhalla gets its 36th Legend Xull, The Iron Commander

Brawlhallla xull

Brawlhalla is getting just a bit more crowded with the addition of the 36th Legend Xull, The Iron Commander. He looks like the son of Kratos from God of War and your random Orc from World of Warcraft.

Here is what developer Blue Mammoth Games says about Xull:

“Xull is the second Legend to wield the cannon, combining its blunt force with an arsenal of physical grab moves using a bear trap that puts his opponents right in the cannon's path. Complementing the cannon is an axe, which he wields with deadly force as the first nine-strength Legend – the first Legend with any stat with a value of nine.

Great things can be expected of Xull, Lord Commander of the Iron Legion. Hailing from the same world as Legends Jhala, Teros and Sidra, he'll prove that orcs have a place amongst the honored in Valhalla.”

Brawlhalla has over 8 million registered players and a pretty nice playerbase overall. It's one of the best free-to-play brawlers out there, and it's available on PC and PlayStation 4.

Brawlhallla xull

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