Brawlhalla Shovel Knight gameplay will smack you right in the head

Brawlhalla Shovel Knight Gameplay

Here is some official Brawlhalla Shovel Knight gameplay introducing the new character that is coming to Blue Mammoth Games' platform brawler.

The announcement was made around a week ago and this is the first footage from the character – and his buddies King Knight, Dark Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight, who are also joining him, all of them as skins. Funnily enough, Rayman was the first guest star that was announced for Brawlhalla, and while he is coming to the game on November 6, there is no footage of him yet.

This Brawlhalla Shovel Knight gameplay was revealed during a live stream, and these skins should be available to purchase later today, October 3, but no pricing was revealed. The upcoming patch will also bring a new map.

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