Breach is a new F2P co-op dungeon crawler from ex-BioWare devs

Breach free co-op dungeon crawler

QC Games is a new studio set in Austin, Texas and comprised of ex-BioWare staff that previously worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, we know that the debut title from QC Games is called Breach. Bioware, in fact, was working on Shadow Realms, a canceled dungeon crawler that actually seems to have a lot more in common with Breach than it seems at first glance.

Breach is a free-to-play four-player co-op dungeon crawler with gameplay sessions that are expected to last 15 minutes. It is set in a modern-day earth where there seems to be no line dividing fantasy and reality planes, and there are 18 classes to choose from at launch, allegedly with tons of customization options. The twist is that apart from the party of four heroes and the demonic creatures that they have to take down, there is a player-controlled “Veil Demon” – which is in fact a dungeon master that takes the form of a black smoke monster (remember Lost?). The Veil Demon (of which there are six varieties, each with a specific ability) will move around the map, setting traps as well as being able to possess any creature, taking full control over its abilities and movement. Shadow Realms had the Shadowlord dungeon master – see why Breach seems to have a lot in common with the canceled Bioware game?

You can learn more about Breach in this PCGamer preview and sign up at the official website. Of course, the Steam page is already live, because nowadays Steam pages appear as soon as you shout ‘I'm developing a new game!'. Or something close to that.

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