Breach showcases Gunslinger class abilities, includes happy feet

Breach Gunslinger class abilities

QC Games has revealed its second character showcase, after the Auros Gladiator opening the hostilities a few days ago. The second class to deserve the spotlight is the Gunslinger.

As you probably have guessed by now, the Gunslinger is a class that is used to damage its enemies from afar. Some skills such as the Rapid Fire Clip will increase the rate of fire, while the Ricochet Shot is a guarantee that no bullet is going amiss. If you need a little bit of extra speed, then you can use the Quick Feet skill to leave your enemies behind.

Breach is a 4v1 co-op action RPG featuring dozens of classes, including an Exorcist, Bloodstalker, Necromancer and Vanguard, among others. The game just had a closed alpha test this past weekend and it should release as free-to-play in early 2019.

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