CABAL 2: Reboot update gets rid of gender lock

Gender lock, heh? Some don't mind it, but most hate it with a passion. CABAL 2 was one of those games where classes were gender-locked, but the latest update called Reboot got rid of it for South Korea (thanks MMOCulture). In addition to the new gender for all classes, each one will be getting two or three new skills.

It took a couple of years so this means that the CABAL 2 English version that is now accepting beta sign-ups is going to launch with gender-locked classes. The classes are already detailed on the official website so give it a look.

cabal 2 wizard
cabal 2 warrior
cabal 2 force shielder
cabal 2 force blader
cabal 2 priest
cabal 2 force archer


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