Call of Duty Warzone gameplay trailer is live, release date is March 10

Call of Duty Warzone gameplay trailer

The first official Call of Duty Warzone gameplay trailer is live, thanks to Activision. You can watch the trailer below and confirm that most of the older and recent rumors turned out to be true. The Warzone March 10 release date checks in as well, which means that you'll be playing this battle royale game tomorrow, if the servers can handle all the stress.

Modern Warfare owners will have a short early access phase starting  tomorrow, March 10 at 8AM PDT, with the full release set for a few hours later, sometime around 12PM PDT.

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The first Warzone official trailer stresses two aspects of the game: it's free to play and supports up to 150 players in one massive map. While the trailer doesn't mention it, Warzone supports cross-platform play for PC (, PS4, and Xbox One.

Warzone comes with two game modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. The first is your usual fight for the last man standing with a shrinking circle, as 150 players try their best to overcome the competition. As for Plunder, the goal is to rake in the most in-match Cash by all means possible, which include looting across the map, stealing other players, or completing contracts.

The massive map is named Verdansk and features over 300 points of interest. Landmarks in each region provide useful ways to know your surroundings. The first batch of Call of Duty Warzone vehicles is the following: ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck, and Helicopter.

The Gulag is one of the distinctive mechanics in Warzone, being an exclusive to Battle Royale. When you are eliminated for the first time, you're thrown into the Gulag as a prisoner. This is where you're going to fight another player in a 1v1 fight with a very precious prize: redeployment. Win and you get back in the fight; lose and your only hope is that your squad earns enough in-game Cash to buy your return into the battle.

Watch the first Call of Duty Warzone gameplay trailer and release times below.

Warzone Release Date Times

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