Capcom’s Project Battle is a card game featuring Dante, Chun-Li, Chris Redfield and more

Capcom Project Battle card game

Capcom is using the power of influencers to reveal its new game Project Battle. Project Battle is in development for iOS and Android and the official announcement is yet to come.

This is a collectible card game that features characters from Capcom's series such as Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Megaman, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, among others.  You'll spot some familiar faces such as Ryu, Dante, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong, Morrigan and more, all drawn in a consistent art style made on purpose for Project Battle.

You can watch a couple of Project Battle videos below, explaining what this game is all about. Is it too late for the CCG battle or will the power of Capcom's franchises take it to the top?


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