Celebrate Blade & Soul’s 2nd anniversary with new event and cake hats

blade and soul second anniversary

The cake is a lie? Not at all, if you mean the one in Blade & Soul‘s second anniversary celebration.

The Blade & Soul Second Anniversary Festival begins on January 17 and you are the ones getting the present: a free pack of items obtainable from the Hongmoon Store, but only once per account, so choose wisely. NCSoft says these items are “special once-in-a-lifetime rewards”, so… yeah. Anyway, it's free!

If you complete the Daily Dungeon Quests and Daily Challenges, you may earn some limited-time rewards, including the Purity costume, anniversary fireworks and more. Want to wear a birthday cake on your head? Well, here's your chance:

blade and soul second anniversary

However, there's more to this anniversary than what I've told you above. You can expect a costume customization system (you'll be able to customize in color and texture), systems and item improvements, and more that you can see in the official post.

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