Real hero: Champions Online is the longest running superhero MMORPG

Champions Online superhero mmorpg

Champions Online is now officially the longest running superhero MMO in videogame history, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World have announced. This game has surpassed Cryptic's previous superhero MMO, City of Heroes/Villains, previous owner of the title. Originally released in 2009, Champions Online seems to have a small but loyal following, and we're not counting players using the ARC client.

Naturally, an infographic was released featuring some achievements of Champions Online players, with some over the top comparisons to go along. Events are also part of the celebration, with the Still Standing event running from April 26 through May 3, and offers the following tasks:

• Save the Earth! – Champions must travel to a space station, high above Millennium City, and battle with their own personal Nemesis to save the world.
• Double XP – For the week of the celebration, Champions can enjoy double the experience as they fight their way to new levels of power.
• Origins Costume Contest – Calling all players! The team is offering the chance to win original Champions Online concept art for players willing to compete by showing off their interpretation of their hero’s very first costume.
• Players will also be able to unlock a brand new Cosmic Cape and Inner Power Aura during the event.

With the cancellation of City of Heroes and Marvel Heroes, DC Universe Online is the only real competition that Champions Online has to face. Its nemesis, so to speak.

Champions Online superhero mmorpg

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