Chaos Heroes Online is a new… MOBA, you guessed it

I bet many of you usually say something along the lines of this: “How I wish there were more MOBAs, I'm so sick and tired of playing the same three all over again: League of Legends, Dota 2 and SMITE“. Well, you're in luck! And you've also been living under a rock for the last couple of years, but anyway. Aeria Games just announced Chaos Heroes Online, a MOBA to be released this fall.

It seems that Chaos Heroes Online is directly inspired from South Korea's DotA: Chaos and while there's little info as of yet, the highlight seems to be the ability to gear up at any time during the heat of the battle. There's still no clue on what kind of heroes we'll be playing with, but you can take a look at the announcement trailer below to see some of them in action. Looks very Dota-ish, don't you think?

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • Furkan Bacak

    My god Copy everything in dota 2
    Terrorblade is there LOL
    Ancient destroy animation SAME
    Take dota change some visuals here u are Chaos Heroes Online (Shit name aswell)

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  • Vince

    I hate this genre.

    As far as I’m concerned, there are Dota 2/LoL. Those are the only ones in this kind of thing.

    Then you got all the GOOD ONES, that do something NEW. Super Monday Night Combat, SMITE, Gigantic, Minimum, Battleborne, etc. Or Battlecry? Which one is Bethesda’s game, and which one is Gearbox’s MOBA?

    It’s a shame that Molten Games closed down, because Blunderbuss looked gorgeous and likely would’ve been a very interesting entry in the genre.

    That this lost it’s funding and the studio making it fell apart – a studio comprised of ex-Arena Net, Sony Online and Blizzard talent no less! -, but the top-down direct ripoffs of Dota or LoL continue to exist… that is just a bummer.

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    • freemmostation

      Battlecry is Bethesda, Battleborne is Gearbox (but they’re saying it isn’t a MOBA and all that jazz).

      I’m pretty sure Heroes of the Storm will be big (because Blizzard) and I hope Gigantic can make it too, because it looks pretty original. As for the rest, most of them will fade within a year.

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  • RavieRaptor

    I’m kinda disappointed that there are a lot of MOBAs and not enough MMORPGs. A majority of MMOs are either older and outdated or subscription-based. I feel Most MOBAs like LoL and DOTA are just the same thing with DOTA being more hardcore. The graphics are similar, and there’s not enough range in the genre (like fantasy), why not make a Sci-Fi-based MOBA?

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    • freemmostation

      MOBA is the new craze and just as every trend that is successful, everyone thinks they’re able to get a piece of the pie (honestly, they aren’t). So we’ll eat MOBAs for a couple of years more until we see some devs shutting down because they thought their new copy-paste MOBA was the shit!

      I think there’s one sci-fi MOBA (at least) in beta that I recall; I just can’t remember the name. There’s also Merc Elite, which is a military MOBA, and that’s a nice change too.

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