China goes full-on Lost Ark with Project Z Online for PC

Project Z Online

So, you're all waiting for Lost Ark then? Well it seems that China once again beat it to the finish line by opening the closed beta for Project Z Online. Apparently, Changyou was in such a rush to get the game out there that it didn't even bothered giving it a proper name. I mean, Project Z? How lazy is that?

Steparu had a good look at Project Z Online and dug deeper to find out if it's all about looks. It clearly reminds me of Lost Ark, although in a less high-budget kind of way. What we can gather from his experience is that this isn't an action MMORPG and while it is open world, it isn't seamless.

But what stands out is that Project Z Online seems like a “light” game, and Steparu attributes this to the studio's plan to make it cross-platform with mobile devices. Worse still, he says that the game is using assets from other games, including “monsters, skills, icons, mobs, and music”. Sadly, this remains a trend in China, with many western studios such as Blizzard going to court over copyright infringement.

Anyway, take a look at Project Z Online below. It could give you a nice Lost Ark vibe, but that should be about it.

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