Choose between Harpy or Tina for the next Closers update

Harpy or Tina? That is the question that En Masse is asking players, with the winning Wolf Dog character being the one to see release on Closers next.

So how does this goes? The next Closers update coming on March 6 will bring the Harpy versus Tina event, where you can decide which character will be the next. To do so, you'll receive 10 Wolf Dog cookies on March 6 and 10 more for every day you log in until voting ends on March 14. When you have 30 cookies, you can craft a Harpy or Tina support box at MatterMixer Allan, which counts as one vote for your favorite character. If you want to, you can go the extra mile by crafting an exclusive 8-bit mask to show your support, for 50 cookies.

The winning character will be revealed on March 15, during En Masse's Twitch stream, and she (because both are female) will be available in Closers on April 3.

The March 6 update brings other things such as a new level cap for Nata, a Washing Machine rebellion, and several new costumes (Cat Club and Spring Clean). You can see the details on Harpy and Tina below, and more info about the update here.

“A specialist in aerial combat, Harpy is Inspector Hong's personal aide, and she carries out standard clean-up missions with the Wolf Dogs—although she also pursues Hong’s secret order to keep the Wolf Dogs in check. Harpy’s combat style takes advantage of her speed and agility to toy with her opponents a little before she finishes them off.”

Closers Harpy

“Tina is a battle robot created to harness the awesome energies of Phase Power. For over a decade, she has served as Trainer's aide, but also works in the field. Her unique control of Phase Power makes her a long-range character, and she is particularly suited to combatting airborne opponents. In addition, she can access imaginary space to summon various weapons as needed for the situation.”

Closers Tina

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