City Battle: Virtual Earth gameplay trailer shows some exciting shooting

City Battle: Virtual Earth gameplay

A couple of weeks ago we had an interesting little announcement in the shape of City Battle: Virtual Earth, a sci-fi MMOFPS that looks pretty decent. Now we discovered a second official trailer showing nearly five minutes of robots shooting each other.

In development at the Russian studio Rikor and coming to Europe in a few months (but hey, you can probably play it in North America as well), City Battle: Virtual Earth has this polished feel of a mix between Transformers and Blacklight: Retribution. Heck, let me throw some Unreal Tournament in there as well while I'm at it. It looks good, but we're yet to see the city management part of the game, where you're the mayor of a virtual city and control budget, alliances and ministers.

Sounds like an intriguing mix and the closed beta is coming in Q3 2018.

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